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Be Inclusive, Be Better

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Our Commitment

We are committed to enriching the culture and celebrating the differences and similarities of our communities of color and underrepresented groups, while creating a positive impact and acceptance through the creation and distribution of innovative and high-quality inclusive and representative media content through various media outlets , as well as, live performance events, produced in North Texas by people of color and underrepresented groups. 


We foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and equality in all our work, celebrating and uplifting our communities, improving lives through motivational and positive media content and cultural events , inspiring others to be inclusive and be better.  



Communities Empowerment

Our vision is to empower our communities of color and underrepresented groups, creating acceptance in the media industry, dominant cultures, and a world that is embracing, inclusive, and that celebrates our cultural differences. 


We strive to position ourselves as the leading regional media content production company that produces unique diverse and inclusive content that increases the representation of underrepresented groups and communities of color in all media outlet, and producing live performance events in underutilized art venues. 

Our goal is to contribute to the local economic development of our communities through our work and aspire to create a path to prosperity and the American dream for our people. 

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"Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness, it is the key to growth"

Jesse Jackson

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PO BOX 122032 Arlington Texas, 76012

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